A Note on Frazeel

For many years I have toyed with the idea of a single, evolving world wherein heroes of different epochs adventure and explore. The Frazeel presented here, the Spiral World/Ribbonlands is one of the latest epochs the rise after the fall of previous civilizations. Frazeel is mentioned in the Golemechs one-shot and in the Mindsgate. These are set in the same epoch as they both reference the Empire of Mellas. I ran another adventure set sometime between the Empire of Mellas and the Ribbonlands as Frazeel was beginning to fragment. Given certain similarities, it is possible that the Kingmakers and Godslayers campaign is within Frazeel prior to the Ribbonlands era. However clues could also suggest another sphere on the Prime Material Plane or an alternate reality/future. Coulmian and Dentherq may (or may not) be the distant past of Frazeel.