Yashe Weaseleye

16th level human male mage


Yashe Nosonne

Lord Chromatic


Strength: 11 Dexterity: 14 Constitution: 13

Intelligence: 20 Wisdom: 15 Charisma: 18

Age: 34 Height: 6'11" Weight: 287 lbs. Eyes: Blue Hair: Black with grey streaks Alignment: Lawful evil

Speaks common, gnoll, gnome, halfling as well as a bizare form of ancient elvish;

Weapon Proficiencies: Dagger, Dart, and Hand Crossbow;

Proficiencies: Alchemy (17), Alertness (16), Ambidexterity, Engineering (15), Healing (13), History, Ancient (18), Musical Instrument: Lyre (13), Reading and Writing (19), Religion (15), Spellcraft (16), and Weathersense (14)

Due to his experimentation with mixing potions Yashe gained the ability to breath underwater. As a side effect his skin is a constant swirl of colors. With great effort he can resume a normal skin tone but cannot cast spells.

Psionic Ability

PSP: 209

All Offensive and Defensive Modes

Devotions: Complete Healing, Energy Containment, Telekinesis, Mind Link, Probe.

Sciences: Awe, Contact, ESP, Levitation, Psychic Drain, Psychic Impersonation.


Spell books contain all spells, levels 1-8, in Players Handbook, Complete Wizard, and Tome of Magic. Can choose any spell from these to memorize (5,5,5,5,5,3,2,1). In general likes to use destructive, conjuration or scrying type spells. Also likes permanent spells of power.


As a desdained child, Yashe had no chance of gaining the respect and power in the “pitiful and wretched blot on the landscape” he was born in. So at thirteen he left, seeking power and glory. Originally his quest was to seek his power through physical means to be a fighter like he supposed his father was. He met with a band of bandit-mercenaries who quickly adopted him as a carry boy. At their first conflict with a wandering caravan the band was destroyed by the magical might of the caravan master, the wizard Ffleem Randoul Spellsell, and the sudden unleashing of Yashe’s raw psychic talents. Ffleem saw the virtue of this freak and Yashe saw the power of magic. The power hungry thirteen year old and the crafty mage struck a secret bargin: Yashe would nuture his pyschic abilities for Ffleem’s uses and Ffleem would train Yashe in basic spellcraft.

.After several years together, Yashe became tired of this arrangement and left after a brief magical spat with the drunken Ffleem. Arrogant in his mystical and mental power, Yashe strode across the northern hills passing many small towns seeking power. During this time, Yashe met no mages and few adventurers so he mistakenly thought himself a mighty wizard. He eventually came across the Scorn Mage School, and arrogant in the pathetic powers challenged the school. After a few patented spells sent by the Runemaster Calcolloren, Yashe found himself in servitude to the school.

As he stayed at the school, Yashe became more and more aware of what he wanted and how he would achieve it. Under Calcolloren’s tutelage, Yashe discovered that he had a great respect and even love for magic, lore and spellcraft. Even so, he also saw it as the stepping stone for power, mightier than muscle and more absolute than the edicts of royalty. After, many several years with the school, Calcolloren lifted Yashe’s servitude, and let the younger man go. Oddly enough, Yashe felt a genuine fondness for the old man and has never really blamed him for his years of semi-slavery. That doesn’t mean that the two haven’t clashed over the years, especially when Yashe’s arrogance and the Runemaster’s stubborn streak collide.

There is good reason that the mage known as Yashe Weaseleye is, in a word: power. From the scorned, freakish and only son of a small town’s single prostitute to a leading power in the Western Lands, Yashe still craves more. Yashe is no hedge wizard, do gooder or student. He is hungry for magic and wealth, power and immortality, and (if he can get it) god-hood. These are not the rantings of a madman nor the delusions of a failure, Yashe has proven far to many times that he can and will succeed in gaining victory and glory where others have perished. He has engaged in magical and psionic struggles against dragons, giants and undead of unspeakable power. And Yashe seeks only more conquests.

...Yashe now knew that his power was still rather pitiful when compared with the rest of the world. So when he reached Doltew he searched for other adventurers. He found the young ranger, Gladth Stalker called Wingfoot and the death worshipping assassin Shak Blackblade. An interesting enough crew to begin with, Yashe joined them in search of riches. The group adventured for some time, never really engaging large groups or evil powers but slowly developing their own skills. The three had their first real triumph north of the glacier town Ise, where they had battled a young yet crafty white dragon called Icing Death. After this incredible success they went to Caratirith where they met several other adventurers. It was here that Yashe met the illusionist Glinderdash and they immediately struck a tentative friendship and contest for power.


bag of holding (1,000 lbs. maximum), Boccob’s Blessed Book, censor of controlling air elementals, cloak of protection +3, dagger +1, dagger +2 / +3 vs large creatures, libram of ineffable damnation, lyre of building, mirror of life entrapment (17 cells), necklace of missles, ring of elemental fire control, ring of fire balls (5d6), ring of protection +1, ring of the ram (9 charges), winged boots