The Order of the Nonahedron Eye

The Eye was a group of nine people who banded together as a flexible multi-skilled group of benevolent mercenary adventurers. They use their services to aid (for price or no) those persons, states, empires, continents and/or dimensions aligned with Caratirith. This group belief has made enemies of the Pentagis, the Order of the Draco, the blue dragon Spark and at least one kobold clan. Further the group has a dislike of Deepport, Neshjen and the Veroil Empire. They are openly welcomed in the Yuberth Vale. With the loss or departure of the noblest of its members the present goals and machinations of the Eye is unclear.

The Eye is composed of a board of nine who call themselves the Chessboard. They each have one vote and one parcel of treasure except for the king who has three votes. Further there exists eight Checkmates composed of 80 adventurers who are lead by what is called a HexCaptain (either Black or White). These in turn report to their piece who have eight additional adventurers who call themselves the [piece]'s Men. One other group of 80 adventurers exist as the Stalemate, the vanguard and security.

The Nine Sides (Rules and Regulations)

    1. All members must hereby follow these rules.

    2. Of all ye benefits 30% (minimum) must be donated to the Treasury

    3. All permits must follow all legal doctrine

    4. If ye commit crimes that are deemed unnecessary ye will be thrown out by ye scruff of ye neck.

    5. Killing should be done sparingly (monsters don't count)

    6. Ye should follow the orders of ye King or ye Queen of ye Eye

    7. Ye must keep ye Contract

    8. Never reveal anything about ye Eye on pain of death

    9. Remember honor before death is ye way of ye Eye


Raistwell, Lord Horne

King (Stalemate Chief)

9th level male minotaur fighter

Occupation: Leads both the Eye and the Stalemate

Special Contributions: Blackhorn Keep and followers

Yashe Weaseleye, Lord Chromatic

Black Rook (Magic specialist)

16th level male human mage..

Occupation: Resident magic specialist and temporary leader of the Spellmate

Special Contributions: Keep, psionic and undead

Neryn Shadowmouse, Lord Shadowmouse

White Rook (Spy chief).

11th level half-elven male burglar

Occupation: Leads Shadowmate and creates open investments for the Eye

Special Contributions: Guild, Fantastiko's, and followers

Shak Blackblade, Lady Krimson

Black Knight.

8th level assassin / 7th level cleric female half-orc

Occupation: Assassin

Special Contributions: Undead

The remaining positions are open following the departure of Balard Goodwell, Gladth Stalker, and Shaya Dragonrider. Christa Owlfeather went insane after the death of her lover Chilles Purplelief. The psion warrior Migoth and the gnomish illusionist Glinderdash are also deceased.


The Order of the Nonahedron Eye (henceforth called the Eye) was founded four summers ago by the enterprising efforts of nine adventurers. The history goes further back than this. About seven summers past three adventurers Yashe Nosonne (since changed his name to Yashe Weaseleye), a mage, Gladth Stalker (commonly called Wingfoot), a ranger, and Shak Blackblade, an assassin / priest meet and banded together in the small town of Doltew. Having heard of a large white dragon Iceingdeath they proceeded to Breakiam's Glacier and the town of Ise. From here they proceeded north until the White Canyon where they sought out and destroyed the dragon.

In the mean time five other adventurers Shaya Dragonfriend (now called Shaya Dragonrider), a female drow cavalier, Bagdrop Beerbelly, a half-orcish cleric, Balard Goodwell, a paladin, Glinderdash a gnomish illusionist and another unidentified drow fighter succeeded in slaying many orcs and a rare dragon from the elemental plain of fire called Cindermaster. The unidentified drow and the half-orc were both slain and left in the dungeon. The adventurer's went to Caratirith were they met three other adventurer's who later died. The adventurers succeeded in causing serious harm to the Purple Mage and at least one of the thieves guilds. They disbanded and promised to return to the city later.

Meanwhile three novice adventurers Chilles Purplelief, Christa Starflower (since changed her name to Christa Owlfeather), Tigis Dragonslayer and several other's from the original group succeeded in destroying a temple to Tarka. The adventurers returned to Caratirith where and attempt was made upon Glinderdash's life. He fled with Shak and Yashe to Deepport where Glinderdash broke his staff and annihilated himself and three large manors in Deepport. The death toll was above 50 innocents.

Recently the Eye reformed for "real" and first destroyed the red dragon Pyrouz and then reclaimed Balard Goodwell's hereditary title. This resulted in the death of Tigis Dragonslayer as the group faced the Reagyath Clan's Dragonram. The group succeeded and destroyed Balard's brother, Vaswaol. They also succeeded in seriously crippling the blue dragon nick named Spark. They needed the services of a more stable thief than Shak Blackblade, so the Eye's final member was Neryn Shadowmouse. He had set up a guild in Caratirith after saving the princess of Caratirith Bearnah Gulmryn from the wrath of the Pentagis. The leader for the Eye was found in the psionic fighter from Grestwell named Migoth. He and his old band of adventurers, the Quad, succeeded in destroying the young red dragon Flamespit.

After they regrouped the Eye was hired by what appeared to be a noble of the Yurberth Vale. In fact he was the polymorphed dragon Spark back for revenge. The Eye proceeded to Yuberth Vale where they stopped a massive horde of fire giants. This entailed a mass amount of guerilla warfare followed by the Battle of Fireblood Gap. The giants surrendered after the fall of their leader Ramoth. Also slain in the battle was a yuan-ti mage Lilanthor. The black dragon, Nighting Gale, was also fought and slain.

The Eye has since returned to Caratirth. Here many of the group attracted followers due to their growing fame. Shortly after their return Migoth was slain by an unknown faction. The group never discovered the assassin, but rumors involving the Veroil empire sent Raistwell, Christa Owlfeather and Balard Goodwell south to discover more. Raistwell was captured and sent to the Vicious Arena. There he fought is way to freedom, depleting the gladiating stables in the process. Meanwhile, Christa and Balard had a run in with the ex-paladin vampire named Frakziin. With his help, they succeeded only in finding the man who sent the order to kill Migoth but he commited suicide before they could discover the assassin or the reason for Migoth’s death. The issue may never be resolved as the three were summoned back to Dentherq to rejoin their remaining comrades in battle to protect Caratirith and most of the frontier from the undead grip of the deathknight called Zantil. Tragedy again struck when the mighty Chilles Purpleleif was struck down, no attempts at healing or ressurection worked, and he was lain on a hero’s pyre. With the death of her love and heinous injury to herself, the noble Christs Owlfeather went mad and is now in a state of catatonia in her temple complex. Occasionally, in moments of lucidity she goes around healing all the people, plants and animals near her home.

With the recent tragedies within the group, it has split up. First, tired of the sedentery life within the city walls, the noble paladin Balard Goodwell, Lord of Ravine Pass, the Decapitator of Ramoth and Dragonbane, and his companion, the valiant ranger Gladth Stalker, called Wingfoot and war named Windwalker, the Orcdeath and Giantslayer, partnered themselves and went to seek adventure. They are currently escorting priest of Nolancer to form a mission in the Veroil Empire. They then plan to winter in Gladth’s Hill Hall before drawing north to the Domain of Donovan. Shaya Drogonrider, unhappy with the evil within the group has disappeared, but is presumably keeping an eye on Raistwell and Yashe’s plots. And that is exactly what the two are doing, before winter’s end they may use the power of the Eye to sweep up lands near around the frontier as well as Caratirith and Deepport. Shak Blackblade has remained with them with the sights on the many deaths that she may cause in the future. Finally young Neryn has been so busy running his guild and his casino that he remains unaware of the occurrences within the city. Or so it would seem for now...

Checkmate or Stalemate Member's Benefits

    • .A room at his (her) central base

    • Standard Issue (necessary campaigning or adventuring equipment)

    • Keeps 70% of profits

    • Has guaranteed protection

    • The Eye will come looking for you in your need (or if you cross us)

    • Burial rights (if corpse is not to be animated)

HexCaptain Benefits.

    • A small house and stable

    • A magic item

    • Improved Standard Issue (necessary campaigning or adventuring equipment)

    • Keeps 70% of profits

    • Has guaranteed protection

    • The Eye will come looking for you in your need (or if you cross us)